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My Cousins babies are naughty should I let my baby play with them

Nice baby with toysmy cousins babies are naughty should i let my baby play with them?

My baby boy is 9 months and my cousin’s twin babies are 11 months born 8 weeks premature, they cry a lot and I don’t want my baby to be naughty like them should I take him to her house to play she keeps asking me to go and visit ?

juggling twin babies is Hard her babies just seem to be more noisy because there are 2 of them demanding mums attention at once. they are also adjusted age of 9 months like your own baby. The more babies mix with babies of the own age (peers) the better they becoming in learning valuable social skills. Their speech will come on as they learn to babble at each other, communication begins with sharing toys with each other and problem solving as they learn to play with each others toys.I’ts a good idea for babies to mix as they also to build up immunity against illnesses too.


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