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1st babys birthday bash ideas one year old first party?

first birthday party
first birthday party
1st babys birthday bash ideas one year old first party?
Your baby’s first birthday wow how fast has that gone?
You will be so pleased you’ll want to shout it to the whole world. So what did you have in mind to celebrate? A huge party for baby to enjoy? Well if you really want it to be baby appropriate here are 5 tips ideas that wont break the bank balance.

1. depending on the weather ask a few babies to attend from the local playgroup or family members or nursery even to attend a teddy bears picnic, healthy snacks huge blanket ask them to bring a teddy toy and a cute first birthday cake. A large room will suffice move all the furniture on a rainy day.

2.Puppets show daddy’s way get the family all sitting on comfy cushions on the floor get daddy to sing funny songs using baby’s favourite cuddly toys. Acting out a little story for baby to enjoy.

3.Family get together invite close family members video the event opening presents do a light buffet with a great first baby birthday cake take loads a photos for a photo album give each family a picture to keep afterwards.

4.Book day for babies buy loads of books baby related ask a few baby friends over let the babies look at books together having fun ,if you have space in the kitchen,roll out a huge piece of wall paper and using non toxic paints let the babies run and make footprints.

5.take baby out to a safe fun play centre have a birthday cake even ask a few baby friends over, older kids will take over and spoilt it if its just older children who attend.


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