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what to buy a 1 year old baby present gift

baby 1 birthday gift
what to buy a 1 year old baby present gift

Unsure what to buy for a baby age 1 year old as a present ?
You could ask the parents but if its a surprise that would be spoilt wouldn’t it so here are 5 ideas to brighten up a little baby’s face.
1. True representation books these are cardboard photo books which present everyday objects a 1 year old recognise, They can identify and learn to speak such as a Fork, Shoe, Puppy, Coat, cake is a great way to learn to repeat and say, understand and go and get.
2. wellington boots great for all weather types keeping socks nice and dry.
3. children song cds, to listen learn singalong to, dance and have fun
4.story books great for bedtime 1 and 1 quiet time for cuddles and bonding with family members.
5.Roleplay toys copying an adult they will often put mummys shoes on and trot around the house tea sets are fab,wooden fruit you can pretend to cut and slice and a big kitchen to make a pie yum.’


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