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premature baby loss at less that 24 weeks funeral ?

stillbirth baby funeral prayerspremature baby loss at less that 24 weeks

do you need to have a funeral for a premature baby loss born before 24 weeks?

In the instance that baby was born premature before 24 weeks and died would not get a death certificate here in the UK. But it doesn’t mean you cannot arrange a funeral or cremation service.

here are some ideas you can do to create a memorial day to celebrate baby’s life however short he or she had with the family.

1. a balloon release immediate family can stand around a remembrance garden and release coloured balloons with helium inside. Write a message to baby in heaven tie it to a balloon.

2. A quiet little brook with a bridge make paper boats let them float on the water and go under the bridge to say a loving farewell.

3. a dove release at a crematorium or graveside they usually read a poem out for you.

4. create a photo video of scan pictures teddy bear etc play with some favourite lullaby music at a quiet family funeral service.


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