Pregnancy Related

pregnancy emergency hospital trips maternity unit triage for pregnant women


pregnancy emergency hospital trips maternity unit triage problems when pregnant.

In pregnancy years ago you went regularly to the hospital maternity unit for monthly checkups with the midwife consultant etc if there were any problems so you could be monitored more closely if a problem occurred.Towards the end of a pregnancy the hospital trips would be increased to fortnightly then weekly as the birth becomes more imminent.

Now adays things have changed so much for a pregnant mum to be. you no longer need to see the midwife as often unless you have a high risk pregnancy.If a problem does arrive you can now go to what’s called a triage section of the maternity unit and after some quick checks can go home if nothing to worry about is detected in your stage of pregnancy..

More is offered to the pregnant woman than ever before including quit smoking teams for a healthy baby and pregnancy.Healthy eating programmes where you can have weekly visits in your own home to give you better meal planning for you your body and your new baby plus flu jabs and Glucose tolerance tests in case you are at risk of developing gestational diabetes.

now we are back on track with our blogs check back soon for more news on pregnancy babies and toddlers.


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