Premature Baby news

premature baby in SCBU needs

premature baby covered in vertix in incubator

premature baby in SCBU meeting baby’s needs

if your baby was born earlier than 37 weeks its classed as a premature baby. After delivery if baby isn’t able to maintain their own temperature fully dressed then the midwifes may try a water bed so baby isn’t using all its energy just to keep warm.If baby still isn’t warm enough a short spell in a warm incubator may all that’s needed to kelp it keep warm. If baby is struggling to feed as well from bottle or breast then a stay in the SCBU may be the next step. that way the nurses can monitor a premature baby’s blood sugar levels, a heart rate machine may be also attached with some tape to the premature baby’s tummy.

The Nicu nurses will then be able to keep an eye on baby’s needs more closely. They will keep an eye on baby’s temperature, look out for signs of jaundice common in premature babies, insert a feeding tube if baby is too tired to feed yet and top up via a syringe so baby doesn’t go hungry.

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