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terrible twos stop my toddler being naughty


terrible twos how to stop my toddler being naughty please i’m desperate.

in todays society we leads such busy lives and a world so full of technology it may be the easiest thing to pass your two year old toddler your mobile phone or tablet to keep them occupied. toddlers under 3 soak up so much information in the brains this is such a valuable time of learning. Each day your toddler may seem naughty but as they try to learn to string words together can often become frustrated in telling you what they want .

here are 5 tips to help you understand your toddlers needs.

  • turn your phone of for at least 1 hour day to spend solely with your toddler.
  • get down on the floor with them for playtime building blocks having fun knocking them down you are also building relationships and your toddler is having quality time with you.
  • teach your toddler sign language so as they are picking up new words daily you can associate a new word with a sign ,your child will easily pick up the sign and will be less frustrated or naughty.
  • set boundaries that are age appropriate turning the light off making them sit in the dark is cruelty use 1 min per age in a naughty corner or naughty step as time out so a terrible two would have 2 mins maximum time out.
  • ignoring a tantrum if they are kicking out on the floor. if caught as soon as it happens you can often distract them into forgetting that they are having a tantrum.for example getting a book and talking out load saying oh wow this book is good look at the fishes swimming if they see you interested they will come running over to you to see what you are doing.




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