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baby died born 24 weeks 5 nice memorial gift ideas

does a preterm miscarriage baby loss have a funeral

baby died at 24 weeks 5 nice memorial gift ideas for the family

showing support for a baby’s family that has sadly died at 24 weeks of pregnancy can be very difficult.one how to say sorry when it doesn’t seem enough, two the awkwardness you may feel in approaching them and three you want to buy them a gift for baby’s funeral but do not know what to choose.

here are some great ideas to show your love and compassion for them at this sad time when their baby died in the womb or shortly after birth.

  1. a rare to obtain hand made baby bereavement card that can be kept forever in a baby memorial box.
  2. ordering one of these you will be greatly appreciated by the family by Precious MemoriesTM baby loss jewellery mum can wear this close to heart lovingly forever.
  3. presenting dad or mum one of these to give to baby a micro or mini teddy bear to keep baby company for the funeral service these are so tiny most will fit in baby’s hand to hold forever. over 26 different ones to pick from.
  4. buy a star in honour of baby’s name.
  5. baby memorial bereavement boxes

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