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5 tips writing a blog about your horific birth and baby


5 tips writing a blog about your dramatic birth and your baby

blog readers want to know about the real you if you were hurting  during labour write about it . if The midwives were great at a particular hospital write about it write a couple blogs a week to gain more interest to your blog posts.

here are 5 tips to get you started in making an interesting blog about you and your baby readers will love to follow.

  • a picture says a thousand words use real photographs.
  • regular writing about your experience on your birth and baby gets more blog traffic than just posting once a month.
  • have a plan what will you cover maternity, parenting ,your baby’s milestones it will help inspire your blog post writing.
  • what’s the best baby products on the market that you have tried ?keeping it real will get more parents reading your blog
  • don’t forget to make full use of your blog including titles categories, tags where will you publish it upload a feed so many people will have access to your baby blog.



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