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mother in law says throw that baby bottle in the bin now!

baby in prone position lifting head and neck good support with pillow

mother in  law tells you to throw the baby’s bottle in the bin what do you do ?

dear Cheeky Chums …ld ignore her if baby was being feed only formula at a young age  but when is the right time and ditch the baby bottle and use a sippy cup?

As baby baby starts to get teeth come through start to wean onto a sippy cup. Around 6 moths old,but beware sterilize all parts up to the age of 12 months old. one because mums have been posting pictures and indepth photographs of whats hiding under the sippy cup lid of mold,germs ,dirt residue build up that most certainly is a place for bacteria to breed and will cause stomach upsets for your baby. And two because as your baby learns those first words the teeth can get pushed back making it difficult for your child to talk, the more your baby clings to a bottle the harder it will become to wean them off it.

with that being said 12 months is the time to ditch the bottle as more teeth fill baby’s mouth. more articles on babies here


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