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Huge Dilema baby ashes funeral scatter or keep?


Huge Dilemma preterm baby ashes funeral do you have them scattered or keep them?

here are 5 ideas you can do after the funeral or cremation service with your baby’s ashes.

  • due to the small amount of ashes created after the internment you may only get a very small amount for a preterm baby. you can use a pinch of ashes to add them to a cremation urn necklace to keep close to you forever.
  • add them to buy a bear and sit it near your bedside each night.
  • add it to a garden urn with a beautiful flowering plant. That way if you move house it can be a carried to another home.
  • scatter the ashes at a baby memorial garden were other baby’s are. you don’t get a personal spot in this case its more communal.
  • scatter baby’s ashes in your  family grave plot you’ll need the grave deeds so your local cemetery knows which number your plot is and you pay a cost to open up the existing grave to add them .



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