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5 signs its time to ditch your childs dummy

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5 signs its time to ditch your child’s dummy

  1. your baby has teeth the more teeth your baby or toddler has the more chances the mouth will change shape and speaking will be a problem as they develop more language.
  2. your 2 year old child will not go anywhere with out the dummy.
  3. your toddler has more than one dummy at a time in his/her hands.
  4. your child is older than 3 year old again speech will be unclear and sound lispsy as your child talks and could need speech therapy to correct it, not good.
  5. your toddler puts 2 or more dummies in their mouth at once.

use a reward chart one sticker one day without the dummy, make a dummy box let your child decorate and let them put the dummy in it at the start of the day to help ditch the dummy addiction.

problems with 2 year olds getting on your nerves read this


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