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scream frustrated weaning my baby 9 month

Baby food, baby eating
weaning foods 9 months old

scream frustrated weaning my baby 9 month please help

my mother says I shouldn’t be giving my 9 month old baby chips every day as a weaning food I’m getting stuck for ideas what finger foods can I give him now he has moved up from mush.?

here are 11 tips for healthy lifestyle choices for babies using finger foods.

safety first …you will need to supervise children once they have started onto finger foods as a choking hazard in any case.

  1. strips cucumber
  2. peeled and cored apple slices
  3. sliced carrots or in long strips
  4. juicy pears peeled and cored
  5. buttered crusts soft bread always use unsalted butter.
  6. bananas sliced these can be slippy to hold
  7. cooked parsnips and cooked turnips, suedes in strips
  8. cooked broccoli and pasta twirls
  9. cooked cauliflower pasta and cheese slices
  10. strawberries kiwi and blueberries.

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