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what wording to add to a baby’s headstone grave


what wording ideas are there to add to a baby’s headstone grave please ?

here is our top list of wording you can have engraved on a baby headstone

  • Sleeping with the Angels born too soon date birth and date of death.
  • our sleeping baby Son Child’s name and dates for example 1/03/16-3/03/16.
  • Our darling baby daughter  born asleep 20/01/15 good night sleep tight precious child
  • Baby (child’s name) Born … Died ….we love you so much and you will be missed forever more .
  • Rest your head sleepyhead a cloud for a pillow and the Angels wings will keep you warm. goodnight precious baby child’s name until we meet again.
  • Do not weep our child is asleep. baby Childs name …. born … died …..

more ideas of wording to add to a baby headstone memorial


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