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crazy nappy rash appeared 5 month baby will he die


crazy nappy rash appeared on my 5 month old baby will he die ?

dear cheeky chums my baby has red pin prick dots on his bum its a nappy rash I know that but will he die is it meningitis? is that what it could be there so white patches in his mouth?

sounds like thrush babies can get it its fungal infection this type nappy rash and if untreated can spread down baby’s legs. Nystatin is usually prescribed you can get a minor ailment form, from the chemist in the UK and they will give  baby drops for the mouth and cream for the bum. here are 5 other ideas to help it clear up better. usually thrush doesn’t clear up with normal nappy cream such as sudacrem that’s when you can ask your health visitor at the next baby’s weigh in if you suspect it could be thrush.

Meningitis is a rash that doesn’t go away with a glass pressed over it.

click here for more invaluable information of the dangerous infection meningitis.

what other type of nappies are there for babies



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