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Panic what clothes buy premature baby in SCBU


Panic what clothes buy baby grandson in SCBU he’s 3lb

if a premature baby is in the special care baby unit and not on any breathing aides he may only need a feeding tube and to watch his temperature. Each hospital is different in what baby can and can not wear but once he can wear layers you may walk in to find  the nurses have dressed him in nursery clothes. Often donated,and as a grandparent you will hate seeing him in borrowed clothes so a trip to cheeky chums online is what’s needed as they stock everything in tiny sizes for premature babies. he’ll wear a vest, baby grow cardigan and possibly a hat (varies per hospital policies) and bibs. you want to buy at least 3 sets of each so they can be washed and taken back to the hospital for clean spares to put in his little cupboard under the cot. He’ll need different items once he can go home such as a coat socks shoes bootees etc.


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