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children pack it in wont listen is my marriage doomed 4 kids naughty

children playing

children pack it in they wont listen is my marriage doomed 4 kids are naughty

so you have 4 children you husband works nights and you are left holding the reigns during the day. your husband makes excuses and goes of at the soonest opportunity just to escape the naughty kids. is your marriage doomed lets have a closer look at what could be causing them to be naughty. kids thrive on attention they will be naughty to get it even if you smack them they won the battle, but your frustration seems to be daunting as they don’t seem to listen.the other kids will copy each other and if husband disappears a lot because by the sounds of it he too isn’t there when most they play up for mum and dad tries so hard at work its often tiring to discipline when he is home. he  may feel like I’m the bad guy here I have to shout at them to make them behave but it doesn’t seem to be working and both adults will be stressed.he loves his kids but its an easier life to escape the hassle. so you both need to talk and I mean talk to each other, find time for each other but also to listen to each other, listening is the big issue here no one is to blame but you both have to come up with the same plans to keep the kids from doing your head in.

heres what you can do to give you self a break…

there are 2 parents different roles but both pull together for the tough stuff. its not easy if you have a big family, each child wants you to them self and sometimes you think when is there time for you in all this.

ground rules what is it that the child is doing, that is doing your head in ? is it hurting a brother or sister? then you discipline it or is it kicking a ball at the wall out side over and over again. can you take them out to get some physical activity as a family have fun.

the more fun you have the more you will want to spend it with the children.

do you give in to them asking you for things over and over and over again until you give in just for 5 mins peace? No! nip it in the bud and both of you work together as parents in creating the ground rules if mum says no dad says no, or the kids will run you raggid playing one against the other.

naughty toddlers help





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