Premature Baby news

puke ! babies gastric feeding tube premature baby


puke ! babies gastric feeding tube premature baby

cant watch don’t watch as your premature baby has a gastric tube fitted.

the very thought of  it could make you feel sick why does a premature baby need one in the first place , well the sucking reflex in premature babies only matures during the last few weeks of pregnancy. your baby will need nutrients so the nicu nurse will put a tube up the nose into the stomach, nowadays the nicu nurse will use a syringe and pull back the syringe a milk is added to  make sure its aligned correctly  in the stomach, then regular small all amounts of baby milk or breast milk will be added through a syringe and into the tube. as baby gets ready to go home bottle or breast feeding starts by alternating tube with bottle then bottle only or breast only until the baby manages to take the same amount of milk . the tube is removed then if baby manages to take all or most of the milk voila the tube can be removed altogether and your premature is one step closer to going home.


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