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stillbirth baby miscarriage no naked stillborn babies please born 24 week

stillbirth baby miscarriage no naked stillborn babies please midwifes plea


ill never forget the midwifes plea .. “i never again want to pass a stillborn baby naked on a on a tray to parents again, please help.” way back in the 1960s if a baby passed away its was common practise for the stillborn baby to be whisked away after delivery and mum was told to get on with life. Not a glance at her child,never to be held. such harsh treatment. 30 years later mums did not ever get over it especially how baby bereavement was handled at the maternity hospital.

way back in 2007 cheeky chums offered crisp white outfits and soothing pastel shade clothes to dress a baby that sadly passed away in the most tiny of sizes . the handling of a baby bereavement has come along way since the 1960s and hospitals treat mums with a lot more respect and sensitivity to the baby and family now.

you can hold your baby after a miscarriage,you can hold your baby after birth,you can have family cuddles and a private area together to say goodbyes to your baby.you can bath and dress your baby too ready for a funeral or cremation service.

in 2016 Cheeky Chums now offer every item of clothing to dress a baby born stillborn from top to toe and in the most adorable cute baby prints ever.sizes are the smallest in the world. too take a look at just a few outfits hand made in the UK.

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