Premature Baby news

babies premature born 24 weeks survive


do babies born premature at 24 weeks survive

yes babies at 24 weeks do survive these are the most smallest babies that are born. premature babies born at 22 and 23 weeks do survive too these are the very poorly of premature babies though.they will need intensive care in the Nicu for a few weeks with close monitoring and a doctor is always available on standby to step in with extra emergency care that these very tiny babies need.

see our pinterest page with some photos of these very tiny premature babies born 22-24 weeks gestation .

at birth mum and dad may only get a quick glance or touch and then they are rushed over to this specialist unit of neonatal care, they often require constant supervision and monitoring and, usually, mechanical ventilation. Due to the possibility of acute deterioration. once settled mum can be wheeled down to see baby .babies born this premature can be really small weighing around 1-1/2 pound less than a bag of sugar.


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