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how to decorate a baby room nursery before babies birth

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how to decorate a baby room nursery before babies birth

here are 6 ideas to consider when preparing a baby’s room into a nursery.

  • paint the room well in advance so the paint doesn’t get on baby’s chest.
  • don’t overfill the room by stashing everything into baby’s cot in a corner of the nursery room. you may forget what you’ve actually bought for baby and may find it hard remember where you put that bath thermometer. instead be organised make loads room less cramped for instance don’t buy the high chair until baby’s around 3 months.
  • having a baby box down stairs will make it easier than everything just in baby’s nursery can fill it with nappies wipes bibs creams nappy bags to keep at the side of the couch than running up stairs just to get a nappy after baby’s born..
  • put baby’s clothes into sections in the drawers or wardrobe or a suitcase per age ie 3months 6 months 9 months then you can see at a glance what your family could  buy you as a gift depending if you have too much newborn stuff.
  • will the baby be sharing a room with a toddler ? you may want to choose a neutral colour such as farm yard zoo safari themed and use vinyl stickers with animals on or add curtains with animals on to make it fun for a toddler too.
  • what do you plan to fill the room with ? a chair to feed baby in the night a small bedside light or lamp, baby drawers wardrobe, cot maybe.



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