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Giving birth dead stillborn baby scared babies colouring

stillbirth baby funeral prayers

Giving birth to my stillborn baby scared of babies colouring stillbirth ?

you know a family that has just found out that baby has no longer a heartbeat on a recent scan. the baby will be born soon following a planned induction. The baby will be born stillborn and wont be alive at the birth. the family will be devastated and worried what to expect seeing baby will be dead in the womb for a while before delivery. so what will babies colouring be like ? you can expect the skin to be darker purple bluish in places .the lips maybe very dark. marks that resemble bruising, skin dark red patches in places depending how long it has been since baby’s passing away.(viewer discretion advised) due to the sensitive nature we wont post pictures directly here but you can see some in an angel baby photo department just here


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