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my baby wont stop screaming in the pram I can’t go shopping tips needed


my baby wont stop screaming in the pram I cant go shopping

Dear Cheeky Chums I’m at my wits end my baby boy is 10 months but wants me to carry him around with me instead of sitting in the pram, With Christmas approaching everywhere is getting packed and i’ll never get anything Done .please help!

is shopping a nightmare with your baby in the pram do you rush round just to get what you need ? is it hard even to say hello to a friend you meet in the supermarket because you baby is screaming ?

here are 5 tips to help keep baby entertained in his pram whist you go out and about or go shopping.

  1. Take a Sippy cup or bottle with warm drink in with you pass to baby when outside.
  2.  use tie on pram books or pull musical toys swap toys every now and then babies get bored.
  3. take small pieces none sticky foods ie piece toast or bread stick to chomp on.
  4. make sure on cold days babies are warm enough with hat and mittens warm pram blanket they can cry if the hands get cold and red with no mittens/gloves on .
  5. take a break from shopping half way through sit baby on your knee in a café ,freshen nappy etc before you carry on.

response…THANKS Cheeky Chums I never thought of that I usually just rush out to get it done quickly.


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