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help i’m pregnant bleeding in pregnancy what shall i do


help i’m pregnant bleeding in pregnancy what shall i do go to hospital or ignore it if its just a small amount ?

bleeding in pregnancy should never be ignored. slight bleeding can happen during the first trimester which can sometimes be nothing to worry about around the 7th week of being pregnant as it could be the sign that implantation into the womb as occurred or a miscarriage is not unheard of within the first trimester of pregnancy. but in the second trimester or third trimester more unusual causes can be detected. You need to take notice of the colour how much bleeding as occurred wear a pad so the hospital can determine if its anything more serious to be taken into account. Ring the maternity unit and tell them what’s happened they may ask you to come in, During the day you go to the triage department of the  maternity unit for tests, but if it happens at night time this department may be closed. Do not be alarmed if the staff at the hospital ask you to go down to delivery suite, its just the night shift take over and will take a look at you in a spare room there.

they will put you on a monitor to check baby’s heart beat and see if any contractions have started. you may have a speculum test to rule out a womb infection as it could just be a little raw inside near the cervix. a urine test can be done to check for a urine infection. blood pressure checked and if its nothing to worry about they may send you home or monitor you more closely depending on the findings.


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