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Tiny Baby bereavement clothes My Passion My story

reborn dolls used in all photo shoots not real tiny babies

Tiny Baby bereavement clothes My Passion My story

Way back in 2007 a lady came into our shop and asked if we had any baby clothes for a 2lb baby (a tiny family member that had sadly passed away). At the time we even stocked dolls clothes and we didn’t have anything to offer. I watched as the rest of the family came in to browse through the small baby clothes but they had to leave empty handed.

That image  never left me, the sadness on their faces as they left with nothing, our shop was the last one they tried.. So I said I would make sure no one would ever leave without having suitable tiny baby clothes to fit,especially for  the sad occasion that a tiny baby sadly passes away.

Gradually having l found there was no baby clothes to fit these very tiny precious babies. I learned to sew.Way back then we made baby clothes for babies 1lb,2lb,3lb in weight. What I found was babies under 24 weeks had nothing to wear. A midwife rang me and said she will never forget the horror of passing  a tiny baby born sleeping to mum on a tray because there was nothing else suitable.

Now in 2013 our range is the biggest in the UK for baby bereavement clothes for very tiny babies, even for the little ones born under 24 weeks of pregnancy. We even have tiny teddy bears from 3cm in length that will fit perfectly into the tiny hand of a baby to treasure forever.

Opening until 11pm at night so parents can order anytime. 24 hour ordering on the internet with special delivery options for a quicker dispatch.  We also provide to hospitals throughout the UK and Europe .

Our bereavement department can be found at http://cheekychumsonline.co.uk/category_60/Tiny-Baby-Bereavement-ClothesGifts.htm



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