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Babies died 7 things NOT to write in a baby bereavement card

stillbirth baby funeral prayers7 things NOT to write in a baby bereavement card Babies died.

when a baby has died its the hardest type of bereavement to cope with, after researching many mums and dads  feelings after a babies death here are the findings of what not to write in  baby bereavement card .

  1. so sorry for your baby loss better luck next time
  2. i heard about your sad death of baby, maybe you’ll have another next year
  3. don’t worry you will have plenty more babies in the future
  4. in sympathy of the death of your baby
  5. so sad to hear baby died but you have to move on and forget about it
  6. I heard that baby died how about a nice cup of tea to get over it
  7. with best wises Forget that this as ever happened, you can try again for another baby next month.

you can find suitable messages for cards here



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