Premature Baby news

where to buy the smallest premature baby clothes in uk


whos got the smallest premature baby clothes ever in the uk?

premature baby clothes have become a little more easier to find over the last 3 years. especially in the UK. its ok having a shop that sells premature baby clothes but do they stock the smallest size you need for your baby ?

for the smallest ever sizes for premature babies Cheeky Chums cover the whole range of clothes for babies born from 16 weeks gestation up wards. the Full 40 weeks of pregnancy are covered. even for the first trimester when a little one sadly passed away due to a miscarriage baby can be settled in comfort for the funeral service too with little sleeping bags pouches and cribs.


full outfits for premature baby clothes ready to wear layers and Cheeky chums offer the widest range in the uk too. huge choices for hard to find items such as premature baby headbands socks ,su000_2249n bonnets ,cardigans too from 2-3lb.

some shops still sell premature labelled clothes but that doesn’t tell you what size of low birth weight it will fit does it ? or even the word prem printed inside the garment. the widest range gets bigger with fabric imported from all over the world every month the latest trendy cute children’s prints many of the premature baby clothes offered at Cheeky chums are also handmade keeping it wont find these tiny baby clothes offered anywhere else being so unique for your baby.




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