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scan at 22 weeks my baby died what next

baby dies died at 22 weeks

ultrasound scan at 22 weeks my baby has died what next

if your baby was found to not have a heart beat on a routine ultrasound scan and it has defiantly been determined it has died in the womb, you may be wondering what happens next.

you will come into hospital to have your baby the staff will induce labour or you could wait to see if you deliver baby naturally over the next few days.

when a baby has sadly died in the womb, it doesn’t mean that you wont get to hold him or her this is far from the case now a days. you can have quality time together as a family for family cuddles, to bath your baby or to wash your baby and dress your baby. you will be able to take photographs of your baby that has died to treasure forever and can make the most wonderful loving memories together. you can take plaster casting footprints of baby and stay at the hospital as long as you like. baby can stay at the hospital to be be collected by a funeral director later on or you can take baby home, but your baby will have to be kept cold until the funeral service. you could put ice packs under the moses basket sheets next to your baby’s body which will give you some tender moments until you say a final goodbye.

baby died in womb what happens

its all about making the best of a bad situation and creating a loving time together with your loved ones close by. often a few friends find it hard to be nearby once a baby has died so you have to be the strongest person you have ever been in order to have strength to face each day. you will have bad days and ok days at first. the memory of the day you found out that baby had died will never leave you but you can make a legacy in his or her name for the short time they was here on this earth to last a lifetime.

the coming weeks after a baby has died at 22 weeks gestation

the days approaching the funeral day for a baby that has sadly died will feel numb you may feel lost, stressed ,tearful, angry at those closest to you because of the grief you will be going through. You may have days where you feel its all a dream how will you cope just getting out of bed but you will because you are not a bad parent you have known what its like to love like you’ve never loved before and that will never be taken away from you.

why its good to talk about your baby that died in the womb.

keeping your inner most feelings blocked up isn’t good in the long term. your baby did exist if only for a short time. it was your flesh and blood it had a name it was part of you and loved by you. if people want to support you let them have a hug,cry in a pillow, cry out to God in heaven above, burden someone with your thoughts or even put pen to paper and write them down. you could write a journal gone but never forgotten and look back years down the line how stronger as a person it made you be. you may want to start a charity help in a support group for baby loss on facebook or start your own bereavement blog to support others.

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