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I love children what jobs can I do with babies I’m 14

I love children what jobs can I do with babies I’m 14

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if you love children and also babies there are many jobs you can do working with babies this week we shall talk about 11 of them . today we look at the easiest especially if you are only 14 and just deciding on a career to working with babies.

jobs baby sitting babies under 2 year old.

baby sitting children is a good way to start as a part time job looking after someone elses children. so where do you start if you have never done it before or looked after even a brother or sister younger than your self.

so we start from scratch…. 

  • when you baby sit for someone like a neighbour they may say can you come round at tea time until 10pm to start. you will never have looked after their children and the parents don’t know how you will cope. they will be leaving you in sole charge of the children to look after them when they are not there.
  • as a baby sitter it means you will be  making sure they are safe a priority before anything or anyone else including you!.
  • baby sitting isn’t for everyone children can be naughty they can try to get you tied up in knots and its how you deal with it that makes you a good baby sitter or a bad one.
  • you may think baby sitting is sitting down watching tv whilst the children go to sleep. yes they may go to bed early but as a new baby sitter they will be wondering who you are what you are like will you scream at them will you have a bad temper will you know what to do in an emergency ?
  • can you cook can you make toast or do you let your mum do these whilst you play on an xbox or text to a friend all the time.
  • if you plan on looking after babies or children when you leave school employers will look at what skills you have and what you can do that makes them agree you will be the best person to help in looking after children or babies.
  • its best to get experience whilst you are young, do more things for yourself so you can get the best job in the long term after you have left school.
  • going back to baby sitting in general means you will be left with babies or children for short periods of time. you may do one day a week or like it that much that another family wants you too.
  • itsa good to have a notebook and pen to write things down for the family that you will be babysitting for. what are the children’s favourite toys where are they kept what are they allowed and not allowed ? 2 emergency telephone numbers to contact in case of emergency where spare clothes are kept.
  • now for the babies… baby sitting for a baby is not all cuteness and cuddles. they may need a bottle making up with boiling water and milk powder its important you follow the parents instructions on how to make it up. how to change a nappy you need to make sure you can do one before attempting baby sitting ask can you watch them do one before the baby sitting day and if they don’t mind help you you too can practise and get it right before starting to do any baby sitting jobs. learn what soothes babies to sleep and write down what the parents say about how their baby likes to get to sleep this may include rocking a baby pushing it in its pram winding up a musical toys with the lights dim or rocking in your arms each baby is different to what it likes best.
  • if in doubt ask if a friend can sit with you too for the first few sessions then  you can help each other work out what the children or baby likes best when you baby sit for them.

written by business owner of cheekychumsonline


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