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5 ideas how to get your baby toddler learn to talk

here are 5 ideas in which you can help your baby toddler to learn to talk

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how do babies learn to talk and what can you do to help them as a toddler with their speech? here are our top 5 tips

  • lead by example if you think oh babies cant learn how to talk and decide to leave it until they are over one that’s a huge mistake every expression they see as you speak to them, every word  you say as you talk to them your baby is listening and learning all the time even from birth. they look at the way your mouth moves  they try to copy your actions such as sticking out a tongue listening to your every sound as they thrive on stimulus from you. Their brain is like a sponge under 3 year old its requires information in order for your baby to progress development wise. leave it too late and your baby can be damaged for life.
  • singing laughing pretend coughing at your baby face to face may seem silly but in turn your baby will remember, learn valuable skills in speech development. learning through play and it is also fun for both you and baby as you form a lifetime bond too.
  • talking slowly clearly and repetitiveness is how your baby will recognise familiar works and ooing ahhing cooing babbling is their first responses and their first way of communication back to you and others.
  • introduce a favourite story over and over again listening to nursery ryhmes and watch, gradually your baby as it turns into a toddler will start to say one word back at you and as the vocabulary increases day by day they learn how to put 2 words together. before you know it they can string a few words together and then sentences.
  • musical toys are good too especially teddies that say single words action songs you can do whilst baby is sit on on your knee, joining in at other sure start groups mixing with babies and singalongs will help encourage your baby to talk and also natter to other babies sitting next to them awww.
  • a baby mirror is great your baby can practise talking to him or herself babbling getting a response from the face they are looking at.
  • in a sand pit or sand play in a washing up bowl with toy cars brumm brumm making sounds repeating words as your toddler plays too.
  • words of caution … if you use your mobile phone a lot can you ask yourself this question does it come before anything else ? the more time you spend on your phone texting instead of interacting with your baby means your baby is missing out on valuable leaning time, they grow up way too fast and you cant get back those precious missing years as a baby and toddler. you may find they need speech therapy as they get to 3 year old due to such a waste of valuable months .
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