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pregnant how to do a pregnancy or baby blog

pregnant how to do a baby blog to show off to the world how happy you are


pregnant baby blog

so you have found out you are pregnant and you are thinking of ways to tell the world how happy you are. you may never have thought about doing a blog but its a great way to update your family and can be followed by loads people overjoyed at your news and you can then post updates on  your pregnancy progress and the baby and how well they are doing.

so what is a pregnancy or baby blog and what do you do

you start by getting a site to do your blog on such as WordPress, square space, Penzu, or Tumblr to name but a few. you set up an account and pick a template and then you can tweak it to change colours add photos of your choice. you follow the instructions and then you’ll want to add some pages it could be an about you page your hobbies if its your first blog what the blog is about and so on.

then you create some categories. when you create these blog catagories it’s so in the future you may want to talk about different topics related to babies. it could be  hospital visits in pregnancy days out with baby , baby photos and so on.  it could be pregnancy foods cravings weaning foods toddler foods and so on so you write each post and put it into the correct category. you write daily or weekly its up to you your friends will eagerly follow you post it you have a Facebook page add a plugin so it shares your latest blog posts on your wall you may find people are very eager to see what happens next when your due date will be will you go early and so on. its exciting seeing when someone publishes a new blog post that you are following before you know it you will be very popular indeed and people will love to see your latest baby photos or even baby videos too.

the more you post the more you will be seen in the search engines too you can upload the feed to blog sites and share it there too or post it to your twitter and Instagram accounts to save time.

baby blogs are great as you decide what you talk about you have a very tired baby and have found the perfect way to get him or her to sleep and other mums too may want to know your secrets. the worlds your oyster when it comes to writing a blog yourself you are incharge , you choose the topics and post when you want.

you’ll also need to do the tags before you post a blog post live tags mean what keywords you particular blog is about for instance baby weaning foods … tags could be weaning ,baby weaning, wean baby, weaning baby foods so you need to add these throughout the blog you are talking about too its so the search engines can find the data and its the same as the title of your blog post.




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