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What Is a newborn baby a snoring or boring creature?

newborn baby pics new baby photosWhat Is a newborn baby a snoring or boring creature?

So you are a new mother to a newborn baby. you have just had a baby you are settled on the maternity unit, you have fed your baby, baby is dressed warm and comfortable in the little cot beside you.

The doctor checks baby over to alleviate any worries he or she may have about your newbaby everything is fine, so what next ? if it’s your first baby the Midwives will make sure you know how to bath your baby give it a feed and if you’ve got any questions they are there to advise you. they are there to support you even when you come home.

so is it boring having a baby especially a newborn baby ? no not at all it is a most enjoyable experience you can have as a mother. treasure each moment your baby is with you. if you have a baby record book record in it baby’s important baby milestones first smiles, first first tooth,first words and many more development milestones.

remember to take lots of photographs and watch your baby grow, this first year Will Go ever so fast they will grow quickly and before you know it they will be one year old.

so what does a newborn baby do ?

does it sleep all the day no depending on the size of your baby will determine how hungry your baby will be. for instance a premature baby will burn off calories more and as it’s only got a tiny tummy it will drink small but frequently compared to the average newborn baby. a newborn baby of 7 a half pounds will drink more than a premature newborn weighing 3 pounds, the first few days of a newborn baby’s life will consist of periods of sleep and short periods when baby is awake. when baby is away you can have cuddles, talk to your baby and also check baby’s nappy just see if it needs changing.

baby newborn babies
baby in prone position lifting head and neck good support with pillow

newborn babies have primary reflexes some of these include the sucking reflex the rooting reflex the gag and cough reflex the standing reflex and the walking reflex these disappear after a few weeks and it is later that they learn how to do these properly as they become stronger during the first year of life. Don’t confuse these reflexes with actual walking this develops much later on from 10 months old – 18 months old. no child is the same and all develop at their own pace. boys tend to walk later than girls, and potty training can start later in boys too.

itsa important to bond with a newborn baby if baby doesn’t have a dad around ask another close member of your family to pop in from time to time so too can develop a good relationship with your for support and get to know baby more. then in times of struggles and stresses you can ask them to baby sit for you and give you  abreak being a single parent has its ups and downs and you  need as much outside support as you can .



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