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Miscarriage at 20 weeks baby funeral service ideas butterflies

Miscarriage at 20 weeks baby funeral service ideas butterflies theme

So sadly a baby has sadly passed very early on in pregnancy, mum had a miscarriage at 20 weeks gestation. she has asked you can you help organise a baby funeral service, so let’s have a look how to plan this day and make it extra special for the parents. no one should ever have to bury a baby so you can use this day as a celebration of their life. today we’ll look at the butterflies theme for a baby funeral service.

angel in sky angel gowns baby funeralSome people see butterflies as like a sign from the angels above. they are graceful they gently dance on the air from flower to flower. butterflies they make your day seem brighter when you see one passing by. butterflies only have a short life so bearing this in mind reminds us to enjoy the Here and Now.

Many people have noticed after they have lost a loved one occasionally tend to see a butterfly gently land on their hand when they are outside. is it a sign of comfort and reassurance that their loved one is still lives on? looking at butterflies and how they are changed from a caterpillar and then Transformed from cocoon to a butterfly especially for the Christian family shows how an old life is gone and the new life has begun with Christ Jesus in heaven above.

baby died funeral blue butterfly in woman hand - selective color on the butterfly
blue butterfly in woman hand – selective colour on the butterflies

planning a gentle and tender loving day To Say Goodbye to baby at the funeral service takes a little imagination and creativity for a stunning butterfly related theme. depending on the venue if there are children attending tell the family let them colour some butterflies in and use them as placemats for under the food at the wake. people tend to have a wake at a funeral service so some sandwiches could be also cut into butterfly shapes with a pastry cutter and colourful candles can also be placed on the table.

At the graveyard as babies burial casket is carried through the churchyard a few biodegradable butterfly confetti can be scattered down the path.

if someone is good at poems they could write a poem about butterflies. butterflies are only here for a short time but their beauty and Elegance captures inspiration of I’ve how beautiful they are.

you can look at this link and use one of our free butterfly poems. if you prefer one of the songs you can play at the baby’s funeral service is called “if I were a butterfly” there is also a CD you can order with this song already on it as a memorial for baby and to be played as people attend the main venue ie crematorium or church. you can cut out butterfly shapes and have some of the funeral service scriptures poems and a photo of baby or the baby scan picture how did inside for family members to keep as a treasured keepsake as everyone leaves the wake later on each family member could take away a little cupcake with a butterfly on the top of them such a beautiful day showing the tenderness of her babies are you can also order a butterfly release to do this you can look on Google Search for one in your local area.

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