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My toddlers won’t eat tasty foods for fussy eaters

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My toddlers won’t eat what healthy foods can i offer them they are twins age 20 months

So you’re finding it difficult for your Toddler to eat, they shake their head they close their mouth tight, they throw their plate on the floor so what can you do .

here are some examples of tasty foods your Toddler will eat and sneaky ways to put a splash of healthiness into their diet without them realising it.

if your baby like cereals for breakfast try squashing some fruits and putting them inside to do a varied diet at breakfast time. you could mash banana into porridge you could do a fruit smoothie milkshake and add it to their baby Cup.

toddler food baby eating

.you could made muffin batters and add fruits into those and dried fruit such as apricots raisins sultanas blueberries apples strawberries. toddlers like to eat by eating finger foods here are some examples chop carrots, parsnips cucumbers ,chopped apples, chopped Ham, boiled eggs last you can put these onto a dish and your Toddler can pick and choose what they want to eat.It doesn’t matter if thye don’t it all , by giving them such a variety they are not being pushed into eating the foods that they don’t want to eat. you can hide veggies in stews if you mash them up  more like a soup. they can dunk slices of bread and butter in it.

you can use finger toast and then egg chopped up in a cup. fancy offering salad to a toddler why not grate some carrots apples with some cheese. by gradually introducing new flavours just put them all on a plate and your can Toddler pick and choose the favourite ones he likes. you can get a plate and add some chicken make some smiliey faces or an animal face with some cube cut veg. such cucumber and tomatoes you can use salami and I’ll some grapes to make a butterfly .

be inventive it’s a fun way to eat you can offer ribbon pasta with chicken and peas and sweetcorn and can add a carbonara sauce your baby is looking at different shapes too.

babies eating toddler foods

eating as a family is good as your and your partner are talking toddlers will see you’re good eating habits.  the more you try to force a child to eat the more they will scream and Paddy and then could have a fear of foods altogther.

lead by example in a relaxed atmosphere and there you take away the anxiety for a toddler to eat you. could also add fruit to ice cream add fruits with jellies.

make food fun for toddlers a session where they can help stir a cake mixture they can use a spoon to put icing on a cake and you can say well done you’re so clever you helped mummy make dinner and it becomes a fun, enriching learning experience for them.

where does your Toddler eat ? do you let them sit on the couch on their own do they have their own table and chair developing good independent skills it’s good for a toddler. they learn to use and a fork and spoon and soon you’ll find they will not want your help at all and you can even train them to take the dish to the kitchen but make sure you praise them afterwards so you good girl oh goodboy.

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