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So you’re wondering if you’re pregnant with twins ?

if you have been pregnant before the pregnancy may show faster because a uterus and ligaments I’ve been stretched by a previous pregnancy.a pregnancy with twins may have larger faster weight gain due to an increased blood volume and the uterus size by the end of the second trimester.

a pregnant woman that’s having twins will have gained 15 to 25 pounds where’s if you wanted pregnant with one baby you usually gain 10 to 20 pounds another way of finding out if your pregnant with twins is measuring large for gestational age, when the Midwives measure your stomach.

twin babies pregnant

a scan result can reveal a twin pregnancy. pregnant with twins can result in the morning sickness more severe compared with a single pregnancy. if your pregnant with twins you may feel the baby is kicking  earlier and on a scan it could detect a heartbeat for twin babies as early as 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. another  sign is extreme fatigue because the mother’s heart as to work harder to support a twin pregnancy.

a pregnancy with twins means are you at high risk in your hospital notes. can things go wrong with a twin pregnancy yes ?  here is one example that can go wrong in the Twin pregnancy twin to Twin transfusion syndrome also known as TTTS.

baby dies died at 22 weeks

So what is twin to twin transfusion syndrome?

Ttts is a disease of the placenta which affects identical twin pregnancies, the placenta contains abnormal blood vessels which connect the umbilical cords to the twins . If too much blood flows to one twin it can put a strain on baby’s heart one twin gets too much blood flow and the other twin does not get not enough.

the babies are closely monitored sometimes surgery is needed whilst the babies are still in the womb a laser seals off the abnomral blood vessel to separate the twins so they get equal amounts of blood flow without treatment some babies cannot survive.

because a twin pregnancy is classed as high risk the babies may be born prematurely, if your body is known to have an incompetent cervix and especially if you are pregnant with twins you may need to have a stitch in your cervix.its to stop the cervix opening and  going into premature labour too early.

so can you deliver twins naturally ?

you can discuss the best options with your midwife, you will probably be advised to have babies in hospital due to complications with associated with delivery. if the babies are in the transverse position and do not change position close to the delivery date a c-section will be performed. will both babies be born head down in a natural birth ? not necessarily one twin Baby may be born normal the second twin Baby Born breech

Will you be offered pain relief for the delivery of twins ? yes you may want to opt for an epidural speak to your midwife about your birth plans

Thinking of breastfeeding twins that’s great news you can also get a pillow to support you there’s lots of nourishment and breast milk and if your twins have to go in an incubator for a couple of weeks you can still Express your milk to feed them whilst in the maternity unit.


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