About us

Cheeky Chums is the online premature baby clothes superstore.The store is managed and run by qualified baby professionals.As well as shopping you will find useful information covering every aspect of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Its a free service the staff daily impart their knowledge and expertise so anyone visiting Cheeky Chums sites can learn easy ways to better parenting.

You can come back anytime and at your own pace to read, Study ,Learn,and gain a valuable insight in all childcare areas.You will find daily blog Posts, Tweets, Articles.You can put new skills into practice at home or nursery/school by the new found knowledge you have acquired here.

You will be amazed as you see the difference it makes when you use these ideas in your own family setting.You will also be over the moon over a period of time as the family unit starts to bond together and everyone’s more  happier.

A quick search on Google and you can find the staff  on the first page

Sheila Sudlow well known Author of baby Articles,Qualified N.N.E.B ,T.D.L.B D32 & D33 Assessor,O.C.S.l 0-8 YEARS.The proprietor of Cheeky Chums with over 26 years working in the childcare sectors of Education,Social Services, Private nurseries,Childrens Homes S.E.N Schools, Playscheme co-ordinators and Home Education.

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