Clothes Tiny Baby Bereavement

Baby Clothes for a Tiny Baby Bereavement

This page has sensitive information which some viewers may find upsetting. If this is the case please press your back button now.

In addition to Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes superstore the brand Something Precious website has its own store with tiny baby clothing from 5 inches in length. Mum can have a special time for final cuddles knowing baby is dressed with at least one outfit she has picked out for her self.For babies too delicate for dressing we offer baby burial pouches,Cribs,blankets baby bereavement cards and tiny teddies from 1 inch.

Something Precious website also offers support with useful information covering organising a baby funeral, links groups for a stillborn birth or early babyloss.

Cheeky Chums also have a baby bereavement section  but you can also shop direct on the bereavement site too visit the sensitive website at

or the baby bereavement section at Cheeky Chums following this link


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