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Stillborn Stillbirth delivery of baby what to expect!

Stillborn Stillbirth delivery of baby what to expect!

This week we shall be answering your questions on baby loss if it is likely to offend please press your back button now.

You have just received the scariest news ever, that baby has sadly passed away in the womb.After getting such bad news as this you will be in shock for the next few weeks and everything will seem like a blur as you get through it.

the most important points to remember is

  • this is still your baby.
  • this your body.
  • and your decision at the end of the day of what happens next.
  • You do not have to go along with the crowd in what they have done.
  • you can be different to whats classed as the norm.
  • The next few weeks to follow will determine how you survive each day,month year later, This is the only chance you ever get to hold, cuddle, kiss and look at your baby, so cherish every moment.


Don’t let family members put pressure onto you and your partner if you have one in doing something you could regret years down the line.It because of the turmoil in receiving the bad news that you will find it hard in making important decisions. Get good support close by if you are on your own as a single parent .

Your options will depend on where you live, your medical and any previous pregnancies and births, and of course any preferences you might have.

  1. Where would your ideal delivery place like to be at home or hospital perhaps ?
  2. the Birth plan.You may want to let nature take its course and deliver normally without any intervened induction of labour.
  3. pain relief you can have as much as you want.
  4. What would you like happen to baby after delivery to keep baby by your side wash,bath dress, etc have family cuddles?
  5. Where do you want baby to go a while after delivery to the hospital mortuary, collected by the funeral directors ?
  6. Kept at home.Depending on the condition of baby at birth, age of gestational weeks can determine if you want or need an autopsy.What will baby wear whilst having an autopsy you may want to order a simple gown, a baby bereavement outfit for the funeral and  a second outfit for baby’s keepsake memory box.
  7. if baby is full term baby he or she has be to be cremated or buried by law( This UK law effects all babies born 24 weeks gestational age completed)..
  8. MID term babyloss under 24 weeks have tiny bodies so if keeping baby at home for a short while the room will need to be kept cool.You may want the undertaker to collect baby then, in case of a weakening of baby’s body condition and health and safety reasons of the environment. For now in the Uk babies under 24 weeks do not get a stillborn death certificate but the laws may change soon.

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