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emergency c section oh my poor baby!

Stop its an emergency c section now mum sorry!

Today brings a close to our C section blog posts(cesaerean sections).

Lets look finally why a mum would need an Emergency C Section.

  • Placenta previa,plecenta is now bleeding and covering the cervix its life threatening to baby so this calls for an Emergency C Section.
  • A long labour with the cervix not opening, baby may get tired at this stage as well as mum and the heart rate may decrease as baby gets into distress.
  • prolapsed cord,where the cord starts to come out first before baby during delivery.
  • Baby in distress,you will have a monitor in place to record babys heart rate if this continues to decrease its a sign that baby is in distress so  mum will need an emergency c section in this case. Dads are not pemitted in the operating theature during Emergency C section surgeries.

Next blog post topic features fetal abnormalities and birth defects warranting post birth surgery.

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